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GCAG Bottle Holster

Fuel Bottle

The universal bottle holster you can add to any setup.

The GCAG Bottle Holster is designed to support many different bottles. The Bottle Holster can attach to our Uprising Soft Rack, Hardcore Soft Rack, or anything you can get the straps around. This is an easy and convenient method to carry extra liquids.

The Following bottles have been tested and verified:

  • 1 Liter fuel bottles such as Primus, MSR, and Optimus
  • 1.5 Liter fuel bottles from Primus
  • 1 liter Nalgene bottles
  • 40oz Thermoflask water bottle

Any bottle with a circumference of 11.5" or less will fit.


  • Four straps that can easily go around any mount point.
  • Top strap to run through any slotted cap to prevent the bottle from coming out.
  • Pull string with keeper in the top to keep shorter bottles and bottles without a slotted cap from coming out.
  • Made from 1000D Cordura. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great fuel holster for 1.5 Liter

Bought this to carry a 1.5 liter fuel bottle. I strapped it to my rack right next to a small tail bag on the old DR350. It seems very well made, solid construction, and should work out as planned for carrying a little "Just In Case Gas" on my rides.
Dave J

Bottle holster

The bottle holster holds up great to dual sport riding. Once snug, it never loosened. Confidence is high it will perform well.

love the GCAG bottle holster -

the GCAG Bottle Holster is great - I can carry a 40oz water bottle on one side and 1.5 liter fuel bottle on the other...

Bottle Holster

The bottle fits in the holster fine but I have not had a chance to use it with my bike yet.

Nice size bottle holster!

Purchase one to see if it fit my needs. Found that a HydraPak Seeker 2 liter water bag fits as if the two products were designed together. I’m ordering a second get up right now, so that I can conveniently carry just over a gallon of water (between the two) for camping. Attaches nicely to the bike, as well. As always, super stoked on GCAG products!

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