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How Does The Green Chile Luggage System Work?

November 13, 2016 3 min read

Uprising Soft Rack

The foundation of the Green Chile luggage system is the soft rack. Once you install the soft rack you have a strong base that provides tons of mounting points via daisy loops. Each of these mounting points can be used with any combination of our straps.

There are three versions of soft racks.

  • Uprising Soft Rack - for larger dual sport bikes. 
  • Hardcore Softrack - for enduro style bikes. It adds weight carrying capacity to bikes with little or no subframes. The spacing on the Hardcore is also MOLLE compatible.
  • Scramble Softrack - for enduro bikes that need to carry side bags and a small top bag. Also comes in a version with girth hitch side straps that work great for street bikes with grab handles.

Our strap kits attach to the soft rack using a girth hitch. You simply slip the loop side of the strap through the daisy loop on the rack and then pass the end of the loop strap back through itself. This will create a girth hitch. It is a knot that can’t come undone and it is easy to untie.

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We use heavy duty metal cam buckles to secure your load. You simply thread the loose end of the runner loop through the cam buckle and pull it tight. Our cam buckles will not slip, but depending on how you pack your bag the contents could settle or move while riding. This could result in your straps becoming loose. This problem is solved by introducing our tensioner straps.

The tensioner straps come in two versions. One is a ring tensioner and the other is a cam tensioner. You install the tension straps just like the others, but our tension straps will keep your luggage tight even if it settles or shifts. However, its still a good idea to check your load at stops.

The beauty of our tension loop is in the design. As you pull your runner loops tight and the tensioners extend they can never be extended too far. At approximately 50 pounds of pull the tensioner will be fully extended and the nylon webbing will take over the load. Even if the elastic were completely cut the tensioner loops will not fail.

Suggest strap kits based on situation:

  • Bag Snake Kit - these work best for mounting side bags vertically with the top tilted towards the rear. They also work best for bags on top of panniers or top bags that do not need frequent access.
    • Ring tensioner can be used as a secondary buckle for side bags. This allows access while keeping the bag on the bike.
    • Single strap crosses the bag 3 times for a very secure rig.
    • Only one tag end for slack to manage.
  • Mondo Straps - these are great for top bags that need frequent access or irregular shaped objects.
    • Simple over the bag design
    • Metal cams that will not break or slip
  • Mondo UL Straps - ULs are best for smaller bags on top of the bike or the panniers. 
    • Include slack management
    • Field replaceable no-sew plastic buckles

Once you understand the basic components of the Green Chile luggage system it can be put together in an infinite combination of ways. We want our customers to think of these parts like Legos. Use your imagination and share your applications with us. Maybe we will even make up a kit and name it after you!

Adam Owens
Adam Owens

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