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Green Chile Adventure Gear


Runner Loops

Hot Yellow
Lime Green


The simplest piece we make, in a different lengths. This is the runner we use in all of our kits. We offer different lengths so you can customize your rig. This piece can be added into any luggage hauling scheme you can dream up.

Construction Features

Construction is a simple piece of 1" heavy duty nylon webbing with a loop sewn into one end.  We use the 4 foot length in our Mondo Straps and the 6 foot length in the Bag Snake kits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
T. (Plainfield, US)
Heavy Duty ++

While packing and fastening bags pannier style with GCAG Bag Snakes, the morning campsite chatter was distracting enough for me NOT to notice that, like an idiot, I wrapped the runner loop around the end of the exhaust tip, YES just the tip. On the first stop of the day I saw my mistake, the strap was melted where it touched the exhaust, but not all the way through, which was amazing. Once properly sorted and determined to still be useable, the damaged strap was strong enough to hold a 40L dry bag for the 150+ mile trip home, where it was retired and replacement ordered.

TWB (Plainfield, US)
For Gear and SO much more!

On a recent ride that involved some stealth camping, these 12' Runner Loops worked perfectly in conjunction with a Bag Snake supported setup to fasten some larger dry bags to the bike. But the fun did not stop there, I found that the 12' runners worked perfectly wrapped around trees to rig a Hennessy Hammock using 1.25" steel rings as buckles.

Joe Fabrygel (Jasper, US)
Runner loops

I bought these to replace some missing straps for my "Helen 2 wheels" packing system. They are well designed and perfect for packing 3 cylindrical bags on the back of a bike.

Jim Moss (London, US)
Double D ring web straps

I've used plastic double D ring web straps for a long time but with sun and aging the plastic breaks. I found Green Chile utilizes metal D rings and it makes every thing much better.

Roger Whitham (South Windsor, US)
Great straps

I bought the Runner Loops as a set along with a pair of cam buckles. They are used to tie down my 10 liter duffle bag to my larger luggage. They work perfectly.

The material and stitching is high quality. They are the perfect width to slip through my 30 liter bag’s gear loops. And work perfectly with the cam buckle loops.

Highly recommend the Runner Loops as a main anchoring strap or handy back up.

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