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Chile Riders

Green Chile Adventure Gear loves to support vloggers, bloggers, and any motorcycle rider or adventurer that shares their stories with others. We believe the world needs more inspiration, people need more adventure, and everybody needs some spice in their life. 
The people featured on this page are all raving fans of GCAG and the feeling is mutual! Take a few minutes and check them out!



I ride motorcycles, discover trails, and create adventures in the Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycling Mecca of the world: Southern Utah.

My mission is to help other people find adventure on two wheels no matter their budget or background.

Brokentooth Project

The Brokentooth Project

Ice, salt, blood and scotch.... pretty much sums it up.

sam manicom motorcycle author Sam Manicom – Motorcycle Travel Writer


8 years around the world, 4 books. Aim in life? To share the fun of the long road, and to encourage others to head out and explore.



We are two dual sport enthusiasts traveling the world on vintage dirt bikes. We enjoy riding to areas less traveled and learning about the rich cultures we encounter. 

 We encourage others to keep it simple and go now. After all, adventure starts when things go wrong. 

Moto Mission - Brock Gill

Moto Mission

I’m Brock Gill.  I have been riding from coast to coast and border to border on dirt roads. The Trans America Trail, the Continental Divide, and Back Country Discovery Routes  are my day job.  I do a YouTube channel with new adventures each week. Let’s ride!

Road Hermit

Road Hermit

Experiencing the world in constant adventure, with the goal of traveling to every country on the globe. Follow the journey.



Adventure is what makes me feel most alive, so I ride my 2014 TW200 like I stole it and maintain it like I own it. Born and raised in Colorado, never realized how vast and beautiful this state is until I started riding. The interstate tourist stops don't do this state justice. No matter where you live or how you travel don't forget to Adventure.

Great American Trek

Great American Trek

Two doctors, Two bikes, Two charities

West Coast Wanderer

West Coast Wanderer

I have spent the last few years riding and exploring the world on 2 wheels, it began as an adventure and now its become a lifestyle.

My passion it finding the roads less traveled and immersing myself in local cultures while challenging myself physically and psychologically. I love endurance and always searching for new ways to do things!



Awesome HD dual sport and adv bike videos, tech tips, reviews and how to guides!


New Mexico Motorcycle Adventure Touring (NMmAT)

New Mexico motorcycle Adventure Touring and some other fun adventures too.

Horizon ADV

Horizon ADV

At some point along the way I realized that I could learn a lot about myself, my faith, and the world through my travels and adventures. I want to share the life lessons, the fun, and the  spiritual growth I have gained. 



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