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Green Chile Adventure Gear loves to support vloggers, bloggers, and any motorcycle rider or adventurer that shares their stories with others. We believe the world needs more inspiration, people need more adventure, and everybody needs some spice in their life. 
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I ride motorcycles, discover trails, and create adventures in the Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycling Mecca of the world: Southern Utah.

My mission is to help other people find adventure on two wheels no matter their budget or background.

Brokentooth Project

The Brokentooth Project

Ice, salt, blood and scotch.... pretty much sums it up.

Great American Trek

Great American Trek

Two doctors, Two bikes, Two charities

West Coast Wanderer

West Coast Wanderers

I have spent the last few years riding and exploring the world on 2 wheels, it began as an adventure and now its become a lifestyle.

My passion it finding the roads less traveled and immersing myself in local cultures while challenging myself physically and psychologically. I love endurance and always searching for new ways to do things!



Awesome HD dual sport and adv bike videos, tech tips, reviews and how to guides!


New Mexico Motorcycle Adventure Touring (NMmAT)

New Mexico motorcycle Adventure Touring and some other fun adventures too.

Horizon ADV

Horizon ADV

At some point along the way I realized that I could learn a lot about myself, my faith, and the world through my travels and adventures. That is why I started this blog. I want to share the life lessons, the fun, and the  spiritual growth I have gained.