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Green Chile Adventure Gear Customer Reviews

 The more I play with this system the more I appreciate it’s infinitely adaptable, lightweight, bombproof brilliance. Ben, you can’t have it back.This is now my go-to kit.

— Brokentooth


Get the Green Chile Adventure Gear soft rack to hold your whatever. That thing is AMAZING! It held my laptop case on solid as a rock, and then was modular so I could strap stuff on TOP of the case. This thing is ESSENTIAL for adventure! Or even for a commute! I love this thing because I can also use it on my DRZ 400 without the hassles of installing a rear rack. It’s way less expensive than a rack, way more modular, no bolts or loctite, easier to remove, lighter, easier to strap things to, and did I mention it’s rock solid?

— Tyler,

Everide GCAG Review

 "The soft rack mounted to a bike with no rack at all. Perfect Fit!

— Bjarne J.

Uprising Soft Rack

 "Love the snake kit you guys. This thing is built super tough and very high quality. The way  this kit has been perfectly designed means the straps will not try to slide off the ends of your bag. There is tension so that the cross strap holds everything central. Thanks again guys."

— Martin M.

Bag Snake on a Kawasaki KLR 650

“The whole setup with all the extras is incredibly lightweight and appears very well constructed.
Installation on the bike was straight forward. I changed a few things up from the way it was positioned when it arrived, because I prefer to carry my gear as far back and as high as I can (ground clearance and room to move around). I think with a little playing with it, I could get it even further back, but not sure I see the need now. There’s an uncountable number of attachment points, and the potential configurations are endless. I really do believe I could carry almost anything on this rack. And, I can take it off or put it back on in 1 minute, tops... but I don’t suspect I’ll ever take the rack part off again, just the luggage.”

— Jerry P.

Uprising Soft Rack on Kawasaki KLR 650

“Much awesomeness with my soft rack in the Paiute Mountain Range this weekend.Rack works great!”

— Gregory G.

Uprising Soft Rack on BMW GSA

“I just installed mine in about a minute. WOW! These things are bomb proof! Great design.”

— A. LeFur

Uprising Soft Rack on Kawasaki KLR 650 

“Loving the Uprising soft rack!”

— David H.

Uprising Soft Rack with Rotopax on Suzuki VStrom 650

“I’m digging my GCAG. Very affordable. Tie down points are endless. The gear is bomber, and the customer service is top notch!”

— Keith J.

Appalachian Bundle on Kawasaki KLR 650

“I wanted to say how happy I am with your product! I’ve been riding street bikes for years and recently picked up a KLR650. I live in the sticks and needed something to explore on. I saw your product while burning thru “EVERIDE” videos and was impressed with the idea and versatility. I took the plunge and ordered the Uprising soft rack kit and a side bag hauler kit.

Quality doesn’t begin to describe this product. The soft luggage turned my fire road commuter into an adventure beast. The ring loops helped secure my rolie bags around my water and gas cans too!

Every rider I’ve shown has agreed this product is great. Good price, color options, and (touchdown Jesus) made in the USA. You have my future business as I grow my inner adventurer. Thank you!”

— Chris W.

Uprising Luggage System on a Kawasaki KLR 650

Uprising Luggage System on a Kawasaki KLR 650

Snake kits worked flawlessly to keep my bags in place on my 800 mile trip to Toroweap/Zions National Park.

— Paul A.

Bag Snake Kits on a Suzuki VStrom

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