Our Story

Green Chile Adventure Gear was created to design and build heavy duty, lightweight, and innovative adventure gear.

Style & Quality

The Green Chile style can be best described as happy hardcore. We love adventure, it makes us happy. We play hard and we have an appreciation for well made, innovative gear. Our goal is to provide customers with a high quality product that can stand up to the harsh conditions and rigors of adventure.

Since we are adventurers ourselves we are familiar with the shortcomings of many products on the market and we plan to solve those problems with innovative products and fresh design.

Made In The USA

We are very proud to let our customers know that our products are crafted in the USA. We also strive to support other American companies by sourcing our materials inside the USA. When you do business with Green Chile Adventure Gear you will immediately know that you have received a quality product. We are not a big company and our prices may not be the lowest, but you can expect a great deal of value in every hand crafted product we produce. Experience Green Chile and you will experience the old school American quality that used to be the standard. We are doing our part to bring it back!

Experience Green Chile and you will experience the old school American quality that used to be the standard. We are doing our part to bring it back!

Ben Rainchild

Ben Rainchild is stoked about the process of designing and testing gear for Green Chile Adventure Gear! With 15 years of experience as a metal sculptor Ben owned Rainchild Metal Works on Camano Island, WA and did many custom works including gates, railings, and custom furniture of the highest quality. He is currently a River Guide on the Rio Grande and winter snow sports instructor. "I like to do it all!" he says as he hucks a 20' cliff on Skis. Ben's adventures include Skiing, Mountaineering, Ice Climbing, Backpacking, Kayaker, SUPer, Runner, Yoga, Kung Fu, and motorcycling. Ben is a Zumba dancing ADV man with endless passion for motorcycles and exercise. "I love it so much, it's all I do. I wake up in the morning after dreaming of adventure, ready to go and I find it every day!"

After selling Rainchild Metal Works, Ben went on a two year rock climbing and mountain biking road trip. "I climbed every day and did yoga. I ate curry and meditated while camping in a van down by the river and used that time to re-write myself and find new direction."

Ben Rainchid, 37 is an IBAR ambassador and now resides in the small town of Dixon, New Mexico surrounded by desert, mountains, rivers, streams, the Rio Grande, and Spicy NM food.

This is where Green Chile Adventure Gear is made. Happy Hardcore!

Adam Owens


Adam Owens has spent his whole life participating in action sports. His first time water skiing was at the age of 2! Growing up his Dad raced boats and cars and his love for adventure was nurtured throughout his childhood. When he turned sixteen Adam jumped on the back of a Honda Rebel 450 and a fire was ignited for the love of riding. Many years later he is still riding, and a couple of years ago he added dual sport riding to his list of experiences.

Adam has been blessed with many adventures in his life. Aside from riding motorcycles, he is an avid snowboarder and a highly certified SCUBA diver. During the summers if he isn't ripping up the twisties or exploring the trails in the Appalachian mountains you can find him wakeboarding behind a boat. 

Adam is very excited about Green Chile, "Starting up Green Chile Adventure Gear has been a great experience. The ideas for new products are flowing like a river and with in-house prototyping our time to market is quick!". He is proud to be part of a company that was founded to serve fellow adventurers.