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GCAG Uprising Soft Rack Kit

Hot Yellow
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Tired of looking for a good place to attach tie downs and straps?

The Uprising Soft Rack is all about adding mount points to your bike. It adds over 60 mount points to the rear and sides of your bike and its quick and easy to install and adjust. The Uprising Soft Rack can be used with or without GCAG accessories, but when you add the soft rack as the base of your luggage system and combine a few other GCAG accessories you will have the world's first customizable and modular luggage system. You will not find a more versatile system anywhere else. 

The GCAG Uprising Soft Rack is the flagship Green Chile innovation. This unique product is compatible with just about any motorcycle and soft luggage combination that you'd care to throw at it. Adventure bikes, dirt bikes, and cruisers...the Soft Rack does it all. 

Don't have a rack on your bike? No problem! The flexible Soft Rack system attaches easily to fenders, footpegs, sissy bars, or your existing rack. Just tighten up the sturdy cam buckles and get rigging! Use the versatile combination of runner loops, tensioner straps, and velcro loops to affix any bag you please to any one of over 60 daisy-chain style mount points. 

The Green Chile Uprising Soft Rack will simplify your adventures and have you spending less time battling bungee cords and more time having fun. Sturdy climbing quality tubular nylon webbing, steel buckles, loops, and hand-crafted, made in USA construction won't let you down. 

Be sure to check our Gallery and Video sections to see the Soft Rack in action. 

  • 1" Tubular climb-spec nylon webbing
  • Daisy loops along sides and rack surface
  • Heavy Duty cam buckles on each corner

****Dry bags NOT Included****

Patent Pending

Customer Reviews

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Expensive and overrated

We paid 65Us$ to import it in Europe. If the manufacturer would have made it available through Amazon or a UK distributor. It would be worth the price tag (which is still expensive for what it is).if possible I would ask for refund and buy some high end straps to achieve the same.

Unfortunately we can't change what customs fees and taxes get applied. Its different for every country. We are currently working on building out a dealer network, including the UK. I'll send you an email.
Very Versatile !!!

I should have purchased this product years ago !! Ive had a few different bikes, street and dual sport, all would have benefited from this system. I don't like products that are not transferable. Hard racks and such are great but the expense per motorcycle is crazy. If you wonder if this is right for you, you will agree as soon as you strap it on any bike you own. This next season I will use the Uprising Soft Rack on my DR, my FJ09 and on top my SherpaX bike trailer. I can already imagine the issues it will solve from rides in the past!

Excellent gear

This soft rack, combined with the snake kits and dry bags, makes a fantastic luggage system with minimal weight and price. Great quality and design.


This product is amazing. Use it everyday and there are no signs of stitching pulling loose, well made. Thank You for an excellent useful product.

Be Kind To Your Behind

I was tired of hitting my bum on a hard metal rack when taking my DR650 into dumb bumpy terrain (almost all of New England;) So I took a gamble on the Uprising Soft Rack.

Absolutely impressed!

* Installation was easy. Since you are dealing with straps and cam buckles, mount points are endless. Was able to work the rack system into my setup without fuss.
* Cam buckles closet to your bum, that I thought would become pressure points, are not at all. This coming from a 6'6" tall man with a wide load.
* DAMN does this thing hold the weight over rough terrain. Tool roll in my review pic is ~10lbs or ~4.5kgs. Rack side strapping did not sag or loosen up during a grueling 20 mile enduro loop.
* And of course the yellow color pops just like the bike does:)

I'll be recommending to all my riding friends. As well as extolling the racks virtues to the helpless passer by. Hope you enjoy too;)


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