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GCAG Bag Snake Kit

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Make any bag motorcycle luggage. 

The Bag Snake kit works great for rear bags and side bags. When rigged with a side bag the second ring on the ring tensioner creates a secondary buckle so you can loosen the top for access and your bag doesn't fall away from the bike.

When rigged for a rear bag the diagonal section of the strap prevents any slippage over the ends of the bag. For this reason, the Bag Snake is great for smaller rear bags.

The Bag Snake kit includes:

  • 1 Heavy Duty Cam Tension Loop
  • 1 Heavy Duty Metal Ring Tension Loop
  • 1 Six Foot Runner Loop
  • 1 Heavy Duty Metal Ring Loop

Things You Should Know:

  • Dry bags NOT included
  • One Bag Snake kit will secure one bag. If you want to carry two bags you will need two Bag Snake kits.
  • Actual weight: 220 Grams/.48 Pounds

We recommend Explorer and Watershed Dry Bags

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
TWB (Plainfield, US)
Amazing how well they hold

Having used aluminum panniers with heavy mounts / frames and fixed capacity the light weight bag snake is a welcome change used with dry bags. I can attach bags larger than my former panniers or go with smaller bags for shorter trips, either way the lower weight is noticed right away, your rear suspension will thank you.

Paul Oviatt (Sacramento, US)
Best adv/duel sport/ Enduro bag setup around

GCAG has been a real game changer for my honda xr650l. It has cut my pack up time tremendously they never come loose and keep my center of gravity low and close. Top end product

Brian Sandusky (Winchester, US)
After actual use...

So the bag snake system did very well for me out in the wild. Easy to strap down and easy to undo(except if you have wet straps that cake mud and then dry in the double d-ring). I would consider using these in multiple ways on any bike. You are only limited by your attachment points really.

Joseph Cluff (New York, US)
Great as a single or in pairs

At first I couldn't understand why these were sold for one bag at a time and not in pairs. Then I took my DRZ400 out while not needing more than a tool bag and a jacket. I simply strapped my dry bag to the Scramble Rack as a tail bag using one Bag Snake Kit. It worked great. Now I understand. A quality, well-designed product is a beautiful thing.

Matt Clissold (Ogden, US)
Bag Snake

The bag snake kit is by far the best method I've ever used to tie down a bag on my bike. I used it last week to tie down a 50L Wolfman bag.After over 100 miles of dirt roads, the bag hadn't shifted at all.

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