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Hardcore Soft Rack


The Hardcore Soft Rack has been specifically designed for smaller bikes that have very little support in the back for luggage.

We have incorporated two 7075 T6 aluminum support bars that also work as tire irons to increase rear carrying capacity.

The tire irons are hand forged and have a Type III hardcoat anodizing. You will receive two silver anodized tire irons.

The Hardcore soft rack also integrates easy access pockets to store your tire irons and access them without unloading your gear.


Construction Features:

  • Heavy Duty Metal Cams
  • Rubber cam buckle covers to protect your bike
  • MOLLE Compatible Spacing
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing
  • Integrated storage for support bars
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum Support Bars Double as Tire Irons
  • All Attachments Fully Adjustable

As always, every product comes with our Hardcore Warranty and Raving Fan Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
40L dry bag on GC soft rack..NO GO on KTM EXC-f 350 but …!!!..

..after about 10 pack out trials stemming from three different ideas offered from three different friends it was ‘one down time’ . I wasn’t fully confident for my first MABDR 800 mile run all things considered but it was what it was and it was a now or never moment for me…. 80 miles of road all held …then 20 miles or so off road (for the first time) dry bags slid and I felt it. First concern was right side dry bag exhaust burn. Road side pressure and a few quick inputs form others on the ride and it was NAILED. Nailed like ‘…that’s it …this is how I run from now on ‘. Bags were ‘basket’ed in and I rack the same config for four days. It was wrapped up and understood as in there is no reason to even check bags…its ride time!!

Hardcore Versatility

After picking up a second smaller bike I got into researching flexible, minimalist luggage systems. Having already purchased an expensive holster style system from one of the big players for a large ADV bike I wanted something simple and versatile that could take advantage of the bags I had horded over the years and from my current setup. Enter GCAG. The hardcore soft rack is a great setup, versatile, flexible and bombproof. It takes any bag I throw at it and I've even had a rotopax tied on it saving the weight of another bracket. Blended with the bag snakes I purchased with the rack I've been able to secure any gear covering 5 different manufacturers to my TE630. Awesome rack, great gear.


The rack doesn't have many good places to strap onto my bike but the fit and finish is top notch

It's Awesome!

Love the rack, and love the company. Rack is a marvel: so modular, so flexible . . . thing works in a zillion ways for a zillion things. And total personal service from the good folks at GCAG. Highly recommended all around.


This is a very clever and well made product. It is brilliant. I'm looking into all the other accessories for the rack, can't wait.


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