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Simple, Quick, Lightweight, and Solid.

The Mondo UL Kit is the next evolution of the GCAG product line. The "UL" stands for Ultralight. We have designed these straps to be light and rugged.


  • GCAG Tensioner - Our tensioner is designed to keep your luggage tight even while traveling. The GCAG tensioner is designed with heavy duty elastic running inside 1" tubular climb-spec webbing. This allows the load to transfer from the elastic to the webbing prolonging the life of the strap and providing a fail safe to the elastic you will not find in other brands.
  • Mil-Spec Quick Release Buckle - These buckles are convenient, but most importantly, they are tough! Proven in combat, they can certainly handle the rigors of adventure. We use buckles that can be replaced with no sewing required. You could easily keep a spare in your pocket.
  • Integrated Slack Management - We have utilized another mil-spec product called a Web Dominator to manage the slack on the Mondo UL straps. Roll your slack and secure it with the built in shock cord. Minor length adjustments can be made without undoing your slack manger.

The Mondo UL Kit has been designed to work with or without our soft racks. These straps allow you to use any bag you want for luggage. When installed properly you will be able to thrash about offroad and your luggage will stay put!

To use the Mondo UL Straps make a girth hitch around any mount point on your bike. Next, snap the buckles together and pull it tight. The Mondo UL straps are easy on and easy off. 

Here's a reference article to help you understand How The Green Chile System Works.

Mondo UL Kit includes:

  • 2 Mondo UL Tension Loops
  • 2 Mondo UL Runner Loops
  • 2 Web Dominators for slack management

Things You Should Know:

Patent Pending

As always, every product comes with our Hardcore Warranty and Raving Fan Guarantee

Customer Reviews

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Mondo UL

Every Green Chili product is excellent. Can't wait to put the Mondo UL to use.

USA Made and Functional

These are the go to straps that I use to secure my dry bag to the rear rack on my Dual Sport. Forget Bungees or ROX Straps buy these and be done. The handy securement system for the straps tail is brilliant. I leave these on the rack for quick deployment when ever I need them. Great design functional and affordable. Good job GCAG….Thank You


Fast delivery to Europe, good quality.

Great straps - high quality - well designed

These are great straps! Using them to hold down a 25L dry bag that contains all of my heavy stuff like tubes and tools. The bag is kind of thick. I also mount another lighter bag on top. I really like the strap keepers! The elastic end is very well designed. The entire strap is very well made. I have not seen anything better in the market! I just wish they had a nylon webbing version. Thanks!

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. The Mondo UL is made out of nylon webbing. We chose the thinner webbing because it works with the plastic buckles better. Even though its thinner it still has a tensile strength of 2,000 pounds! We appreciate your business.
Amazing Quality!!

This is absolutely the only gear to buy when considering this type of luggage!



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