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This is one of the most flexible luggage systems you will ever use. They are built to withstand the gnarliest adventures, and allow you to keep the weight down for better off road handling. The Pecos bundle can also be used with a single bag. If you need a smaller load for a day ride just leave one of your bags at home. Also, since the Uprising soft rack is the base of the system you can easily add accessories to carry side bags or any other luggage rig you can dream up. It is all designed to be modular!

Construction Features:

  • 1" Tubular climb-spec nylon webbing
  • Daisy loops along sides and rack surface
  • Heavy Duty cam buckles on each corner
  • Tensioner loops to keep your luggage secure as you travel
  • Ability to carry two bags on the back or the sides.
  • Dry bags made of heavy vinyl

This Kit Includes:


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
J.H. (Boise, US)
Flexibility and Value

Put the Pecos bundle on my WR250R for the Idaho BDR, along with some Mondo straps to hold a rear top bag. Pretty hard to beat the value of this bundle with anything else on the market for the amount of storage you get. The bags held tight to the bike for the whole trip and on 1 day where they shifted a bit the stretchy straps took up the slack. Side bags were 16 lbs (exhaust side) and 19 lbs fully loaded right before I set out. Top bag held w/ mondo straps was about 12 lbs. On some days I would strap my backpack, jacket and armadillo bag with extra fuel on top with the mondo straps.

The biggest pro and also biggest con of the system is the flexibility. You can strap anything onto your bike (within reason), and that coupled with the price was why I bought it over other options. That can be a con, where you spend a little time on initial setup and occasionally in camp reconfiguring straps, but after the 2nd day on the BDR I had things figured out. If you don't mind having to think about your setup a little initially then this is a great setup.

I did add an extra D ring to each side to act as a bottom strap on the bag so it wouldn't slide down. Probably unnecessary, and was the only strap that shifted off the bag during the BDR and the stretchy straps took up that slack when it slipped off so I had no problems with the bags moving.

Laid the bike on it's side a couple times and the bags held up great. The only real wear was on the exhaust side bag where it rubbed against the heat shield.

Brian Sandusky (Brunswick, US)
Not what I expected...

So, I got my bundle of goodies and off to the races I went to install this goodness on my less conventional dual sport machine. I looked at a couple of videos to try and figure out the best way to mount this system to my Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled, and after a little futzing about, came up with what I think is a winner. This is very sturdy and strong and I look forward to seeing how it performs on the MABDR next weekend. The versatility in how you can utilize this product is amazing.

Brian Legault (Flowery Branch, US)

Bags and straps seem very well made. I just could not get my brain around how to secure bags properly to bike. Fumbled around with for hours before I gave up.

Fred Nock (Trail, CA)
Tenere 700

Loving this kit so far. Waterproof. Uses any bag. Quick and Easy.

John W. (Hanover, US)
Versatile, innovative and a great value

After deciding to give your Pecos Value Bundle a try, I'm very glad I did. After watching your video for installation of the soft harness, it only took me a couple of minutes to fit it to both my R1200GS and Tenere 700. Another video showed me how to use the Snake Bite kits, allowing me to quickly and securely mount the 20 liter bags loaded with my camping gear to the GS. A 380 mile shake down ride confirmed how well the system works, and that any concerns I had about the toughness of the bags was unfounded. Thanks for such a great product, which follows my less is more theme for my bikes.

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