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Green Chile Adventure Gear


Motorcycle and ATV Tie Down Straps


These are the best motorcycle and ATV tie down straps on the planet.

Don't secure your bike with a cheap strap. Made of heavy duty 1.5" nylon, pvc coated steel hooks with gates, and integrated soft ties. These tie down straps are worthy to haul your toys.

With the dual soft tie strap option the strap can be oriented so you can tighten it by pulling up or down. With the green end on top you will pull down to tighten and with the green end on the bottom you will pull up to tighten. This is helpful when hauling in an enclosed trailer or when hauling two bikes in the back of a truck. Pulling down into a corner is tough, the dual soft tie option solves that problem and Green Chile Adventure Gear is the only company making that style.


  • 1.5" Nylon Webbing - UV resistant and heavy duty
  • Heavy Duty Cam Buckle - Zinc buckle and strongest 1.5" cam buckle on the market. Dual stainless steel springs and pin.
  • Gated Hooks - Keeps webbing captured and can't slip off.
  • PVC Coated Steel Hooks - Prevents scratching and protects the hook.
  • Integrated Soft Tie - Quick and easy way to attach the strap to the bike with no metal hardware touching your bike. Combined with the gated hooks, it can't slip off.
  • Color Coded - Green end makes it easy to see which end you are working with
  • Dual Soft Tie (Option) - Allows you to orient the cam buckle to pull up or down to tighten. 
  • 1,000 LB Working Load - We made it strong just like all our products.

Things You Should Know:

  • Motorcycle Straps are sold in pairs.
  • Always inspect your straps before use and NEVER use a worn strap to secure your load.
  • With the dual soft tie option we recommend using the metal hook to attach to the trailer or truck. 

 As always, every product comes with our Hardcore Warranty and Raving Fan Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Erik Alberg (De Pere, US)

Great products

Joe in Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, US)
Best straps ever

Just get these and make your life easier.

Jeffrey Vickers (San Geronimo, US)
Tossed my ratchet straps

Just tried out my straps today and they are great. I ordered a pair to test them and now I'll order another pair and toss all of my ratchet straps. Always hated those things!

Trail rider (Kalamazoo, US)
Very nice product as always

Nicest set straps I have ever saw or used! Always great products from you guys

Ben Phaup (Washington, US)
My Go to straps! Stop looking and buy them

Stop looking further and just buy these, you will be happy with them. I resisted buying these and was using cheap rachet straps for way too long. These are awesome and so much better the regular ratchet straps. I've got all 3 versions for my different bikes. Couldn't be happier with them.

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