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GCAG Z-Drag Recovery System

Simplify self recovery with our quick deploy Z-Drag kit.

It can sap your energy trying to get your bike unstuck. It can also fall in a way that makes it difficult to pick up. The Z-Drag is a common rig to give you a mechanical advantage for reduced pull. The combination of roller cams provides a 4:1 pulling ratio for self recovery and a 5:1 ratio when you have help. A laminated instruction card is included in the bag.


  • Quick Deploy - No knowledge of rigging and knot work required. Our Z-Drag comes out of the bag rigged and ready to use.
  • Color Coded - For simple operation.
  • Locking Carabiners - Two climbing rated, locking carabiners for secure attachment.
  • Lightweight - Approx. 3 pounds and small enough to pack on a motorcycle.
  • Strong - Even though its small, its still has a 1000 pound working load. 
  • Versatile - With a 74' mainline you will always have enough length to get creative in a tough situation.
  • Multi-Function Bag - The bag features MOLLE compatible webbing on the  outside for external attachment. The bag can also be utilized as a dead man anchor.
  • Storage - Comes in a 1000D Cordura storage bag.
  • Recovery - Can be used for solo recovery or with help from friends.
  • Trail Repairs - Can easily be used to hoist your bike from an overhead support for repairs and maintenance while traveling.
  • Clearing Trails - Move fallen trees out or other obstacles out of the way.
  • Camping - Can be used to hoist a bear bag, act as a ridge line for stringing a tarp, etc.

 Z-Drag Instructions: Download

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Mark Hanley (Seattle, US)
Peace of Mind

I haven’t used it yet and hope I never need to. I watched a demonstration during my class at RawHyde and decided to buy one. Went from the box to the bike! Great product and happy to have it with me.

Sean Carey (Russellville, US)
Great kit

Must have if you are riding alone in the woods or mountains.

Eric N (Alexandria, US)

I thankfully haven't had the need to use it on a ride, but I did try a test uphill pull with my 1250GS on soft to firm ground. The Z Drag works as advertised and as you would expect, as a one person operation, it takes significant effort to move the bike. Regardless, the bike moves and that bodes well for any field use!

Sam Keck (Sydney, AU)

Havnt had to use it yet

Boucherie Wilem Wilem Sebastien (Bastogne, BE)
Good product but rip off to send over EU

Hey guys product is good and useful. But to send in Europe it’s a ripped off… guys count that over the Price you will have to pay a custom fee of about 30-35% and a VAT on total price including Transport and custom of about 21-22%…
😞 so I put 5 star regarding the product and service of your company but because of the rest which almost double the price I fell like a P in the A…

We agree with you on customs fees and international shipping. We don't really have any control over that. We actually do subsidize international shipping and absorb a portion of the cost. The best way we can help each other is by requesting your favorite local dealers and vendors to become Green Chile dealers. This will help you get GCAG products faster and with fewer government fees and taxes attached.

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