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Green Chile Adventure Gear


Dynatow Dynamic Motorcycle Tow Strap

A compact and lightweight solution to eliminate the SNAP for a safer tow. 

If you have ever towed a motorcycle you are familiar with the snap that comes with a traditional tow strap. We made the Dynatow with a section that gives 32 inches of stretch so both riders have an easier tow.

The 26 foot total length gives you enough room to maneuver around obstacles and allows the freedom to choose better lines if you are towing in the gnar.

You can also use this as a recovery strap. You can girth hitch the loop end to the bike and throw the other end to a friend to pull. The dynamic properties of the Dynatow will help assist the pull.

All this functionality fits in a flat pouch about the size of sandwich and only weighs 12.8 oz. Throw it in your bag and be prepared.


  • 1" Nylon Webbing - UV resistant and heavy duty.
  • Tough Tensioners - The elastics are woven inside tubular nylon webbing for protection and strength.
  • Hi-Viz Color - The bright green color will make this easy to see.
  • Sewn Loop - The towing rider can choose to use a loop around the peg or wrap it. The loop also gives options to girth hitch if needed.
  • 1000D Cordura Storage Pouch - protects the strap against abrasion while stored and keeps it compact.
  • Multi Use - All good adventure gear is multi-use. Here's a few ideas.
    • Ridge line for a tarp.
    • Clothes line while camping.
    • Recovery strap for a friend to pull on.
  • Compact and Lightweight
    • Dimensions - 8 in x 6 in x 1 in
    • Weight - 12.8 oz
  • 1,000 LB Working Load - We made it strong just like all our products.

Things You Should Know:

  • Practice before you need to use this product.
  • Always inspect your Dynatow strap before use and NEVER use a worn strap.
  • We recommend a proper training class to learn safe methods for towing a motorcycle. 

 As always, every product comes with our Hardcore Warranty and Raving Fan Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews

Well made. Great asset to have in your toolkit when riding. Lightweight and takes up no space.

Works great

Got the green chilli tow stap and it works great .
Total quality for the money, great carry pouch as well
Won’t go trail riding without it .

FJB (Glendale, US)
Looks good

got this tow strap just in case someone's bike doesn't start out in the middle of the mojave desert. hopefully we don't have to ever use it, but it's nice knowing i have it if we need it. good quality, fair price and nice carry pouch.

William Johnson (Overland Park, US)
First Impressions on rope recovery bag

Awesome recovery kit! Just hook up and pull as everything is assembled.

Scott Simpkins (Seattle, US)
Hope not

I hope I never have to use this but IT WORKS! I got a friend to try it out with and it was as advertised!!! And it fits anywhere!

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