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This is one of the most flexible luggage systems you will ever use. They are built to withstand the gnarliest adventures, and allow you to keep the weight down for better off road handling. The Pecos bundle can also be used with a single bag. If you need a smaller load for a day ride just leave one of your bags at home. Also, since the Uprising soft rack is the base of the system you can easily add accessories to carry side bags or any other luggage rig you can dream up. It is all designed to be modular!

NOTE: Explorer Bags are currently in production and will be shipped separately when they arrive.

Construction Features:

  • 1" Tubular climb-spec nylon webbing
  • Daisy loops along sides and rack surface
  • Heavy Duty cam buckles on each corner
  • Tensioner loops to keep your luggage secure as you travel
  • Ability to carry two bags on the back or the sides.
  • Dry bags made of heavy vinyl

This Kit Includes:


Customer Reviews

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Pecos bundle

Quality looks good. Easy to setup. I am leaving on a 10 day trip next week and will let you know more about functionality and durability.


It's a Christmas present not opened yet.


Love the soft rack it is perfect for my upcoming trip from Sanfran to Alaska!!!

Very versatile system

I'm writing this review without having had a chance to road test these yet, but, I can review the workmanship. I am impressed with the quality of the straps and buckles and the versatility of this system. Some of what I like this is the ability to to completely refigure your luggage setup depending on what type of trip you have planned.

Most of us know motorcycle specific luggage is somewhat overpriced. With this system various sizes of dry bags can be used and purchased without blowing the budget. Along with moving this system from bike to bike is trouble free and keeps the load tight to the bike which is a plus when dual sporting.

I've tried pannier racks and bags and absolutely hated how wide it made the bike along with the fact that I experienced somewhat of a pendulum effect with them. This should alleviate the issue and I'm excited to get them on the road.


Really well made product. I have to admit I do think it is a little pricey for what it is. But, I would recommend it.

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