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Chilly Exhaust Heat Shield

Protect your luggage, gear, and plastics from the heat of your exhaust.

The Chilly Exhaust Heat Shield is the most effective heat shield on the market. The innovative three piece design consists of a top shield attached to 2 rails with rivets and spacers. This reduces the contact area and slows down heat transfer. We have incorporated a patented, insulated reflective blanket on the underside of the shield to reduce radiant heat transfer. The included stainless steel clamp makes it simple to install. 

We highly recommend a heat shield if you run soft luggage without hard racks. 



  • Solid Top Shield - The logo is laser etched and there are no cutouts on the top shield. This prevents radiant heat from passing straight through to your luggage.
  • Side Rails - By isolating these with spacers the heat conductive surface area to the top shield is reduced and slows down heat transfer.
  • Radiant Heat Shielding - The reflective insulated blanket on the bottom of the shield is the real hero. This patented material won't be found anywhere else in the motorcycle industry. 
  • Stainless Steel Clamp - Slots have been provided in the side rails to make installing as easy as it gets.
  • Brushed Aluminum - Lightweight and looks nice.


  • Length 7.5" (190mm) x Width 3.5" (76mm) x Height 1" (25mm)
  • Clamp fits any exhaust 3.5" - 5.5" (89mm - 149mm)

As always, every product comes with our Hardcore Warranty and Raving Fan Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Christopher Pace (Toms River, US)
Chilly Exhaust Heat Shield

Great product with a great price plus a company that responded and delivered in a timely fashion

Keith Mark Hamilton (Kowloon, HK)
Great product, great service

The heat shield works like a dream. looks good too. Adam, Nate and Ben, are all about the stuff they design. Great functional integrity.

Craigerz (Ovid, US)
Green Chile does it again!

Okay GCA makes some of the highest quality made in USA products. second to none. I have been so impressed with my past purchases. I had a heat shield from a competitor with the fancy laser cutout logo. It was Garbage, the heat goes right through and melted a dry bag. You know soon as you pick this heat shield up it was designed buy an educated rider. Can't say enough on the design, engineer perfection. Thank you again GCA you make my adventures better🤙🏼

Joseph Cluff (New York, US)
Works Great

I am paranoid about melting plastics while carrying luggage on my DRZ400. I installed this near the front of the stock muffler. It works great. I have no worries now.

Joel Osburn (Portland, US)
Heat shield protected my thin rubber saddlebags

The heat shield worked great. I have a custom-made carry saddle that I can hook Ortlieb's standard waterproof bicycle touring panniers. Have melted one already against my FMF powercore muffler. I taped some adhesive aluminum/FG cloth on the back, but the shield was no hotter than 110 F (checked with a IR thermo). Worked great on a weekend 350 mile camping trip thru the Yukon.

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