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Frontline Medical

Good Motorcycle and Adventure First Aid Kit

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Ultralight but still ready to provide serious first aid in an emergency. 


Let's be honest, we don't have much room to pack stuff on a motorcycle. The "Good" version of our first aid kits focuses on being affordable and small because the best first aid kit is the one you have with you. Even though its small its able to cover booboos, stabilizing fractures, and treat major bleeding in the extremities.

All items included in our first aid kits are legit medical supplies. You will not find any "private label" knockoff products in our kits. We also encourage you to get first aid training to maximize your emergency effectiveness.

Trauma and Bleeding

  • (1) SWAT Tourniquet
  • (1) ChitoSAM 4"x4" Hemostatic Dressing

Stabilizing Fractures and Sprains

  • (1) 9" SAM Splint


  • (1) CPR Faceshield

Bandages and Supplies

  • (2) Sterile 4"x4" Gauze 
  • (1) 2" Conforming Gauze
  • (1) 5"x9" Abdominal Pad
  • (1) Pair Large Gloves
  • (1) Basic Asst Band-Aid Pack

Comfort and Booboos

  • (1) Sting Swabs
  • (1) Benadryl
  • (1) Aspirin
  • (1) Ibuprofen
  • (1) Antibiotic Cream


  • Sealed bag with a resealable zip top
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Packs to 6"x5"x1.5"

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