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Hardcore Soft Rack

Add load carrying capacity to a plastic fender.

The Hardcore Soft Rack has been specifically designed for smaller bikes that have very little support in the back for luggage. The loops on the base and the side straps provide attachment points for our strap kits to secure bags across the back and down the sides of your motorcycle.

We have incorporated two 7075 T6 aluminum support bars that also work as tire irons to increase rear carrying capacity.

The tire irons are hand forged and have a Type III hardcoat anodizing. You will receive two silver anodized tire irons.

The Hardcore soft rack also integrates easy access pockets to store your tire irons and access them without unloading your gear.

Construction Features:

  • Heavy Duty Metal Cams
  • Rubber cam buckle covers to protect your bike
  • MOLLE Compatible Spacing
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing
  • Integrated storage for support bars
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum Support Bars Double as Tire Irons
  • All Attachments Fully Adjustable

As always, every product comes with our Hardcore Warranty and Raving Fan Guarantee


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Awesome rack

Perfect for dual sport application. Tons of options and love the tire spoon integration

Hardcore rack

Just received this rack and very impressed with the build quality. Very sturdy feeling and fits the bike snuggly. Can't wait to test it properly.

Nice simple rack system

Had this for a few months now and it’s a great little system. I ride with my kids so I pack a small tool kit and the Green Chile tow strap and recovery system.(hated the weight in my pack) They stay strapped on perfectly with 2 of the Green Chile bungee straps. I also pack my ms170 saw around with ease when cleaning up trails. Also packed my tipi and stove with no issues. All around great little system and I don’t realize it’s there when I’m riding hard.(with just tools, tow strap, and recovery system) Pictures show with my saw on, straps are tied up when riding, saw just sits on top. Also very easy to install.


Hardcore Soft Rack

This is the greatest system!

I really didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a bulky bag system for our new DR200 so we could camp. We do ultralight backpacking and often find we have a simpler take on things. Also we're in high desert and not everything needs to be waterproof. I was especially psyched to think that the frame itself could include tire levers.
The rack fit easily. We are delighted with the top quality of all the parts. It fit great out of the box.
I did modify it slightly, but that's to maximize luggage on our tiny bike. I sewed a little more webbing onto each of the side straps to extend the daisy chain by 3 more attachment points and hacked an ammunition pocket to hold our givi jerry cans so we have 5 L of water balanced on 2 sides sitting on the passenger footpegs. Although the DR200 is tiny for an adventure bike, we can now fit at least 20 L side bags above the water in addition to a pack or two behind the seat.
Thank you so much Green Chili for providing an elegant solution to packing motorcycles.

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