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Adventure Miles - Loyalty Program and Referrals

You earn a 5% reward for every $1 spent at GCAG.  You also get your own referral code for friends. They save 10% and you get 500 miles which is a $5 discount on your next order. You can join Adventure Miles absolutely free.

The program has two parts. Loyalty Miles are earned by actions you take and Referral Miles are earned when you help your friends save money on GCAG gear. Each mile is worth 1 cent off your order, so its easy to know how much you have. 

Ways to Earn Loyalty Miles:

  • Signup for Adventure Miles - 100 Miles 
  • Share on Facebook - 50 Miles
  • Like on Facebook - 50 Miles
  • Follow on Instagram - 50 Miles
  • Write a Product Review - 300 Miles
  • Celebrate a Birthday - 500 Miles
  • Every $1 Spent - 5 miles

Ways to Earn Referral Miles:

  • Share your personal referral link
    • Friend Reward - 10% off coupon
    • Your Reward - 500 Miles for each completed order using your referral link.

How to Join:

Just look for the icon and signup. If you already have an account on our website just login.

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  • Mobile


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