Green Chile Adventure Gear Dealer Resources

You can find all the latest dealer information on this page. Please add a bookmark and check back often.

How to place your order

  1. Make sure you have completed your New Dealer Application using the button below.
    1. Make sure you upload a copy of your retail license or tax ID. If you are unable to upload you may email it to 
    2. Be sure to create a website account using the same email you submitted in your Dealer Application. You can create your website account here.
    3. After submitting your application you will be notified via email with final approval.
    4. Your GCAG website account will have dealer pricing applied and you will be able to shop the website with your discount applied. Check back frequently for any changes.
    5. If you prefer to order via email, compile your order and clearly state the items you want, quantity, and color. Then email your order to
    6. The credit card provided in your Dealer Application will be used to charge for email orders and/or actual shipping. If no credit card is provided invoices will need to be paid prior to shipping unless other arrangements have been made. 
      • ***NOTE*** New dealers will require a $500 minimum initial stocking order. After the first stocking order any order size is acceptable.
      Dealer App

      Things to Know

      • GCAG does not currently offer lines of credit or payment terms. All orders will be paid during the order process.
      • GCAG does offer drop shipping. You will be charged actual shipping. GCAG reserves the right to change drop shipping privileges at any time.
      • Any orders over $500 will qualify for an additional bulk order discount of approximately 5% on most items.
      • When you place an order on the website your credit card will be charged. If your order is placed by an alternate method you will receive an invoice to be paid before items will ship. 
      • We strive to ship orders quickly. If we are backordered on any items we will notify you as soon as possible.
      • All orders will be shipped via USPS at the cheapest rate unless a special request is made.
      • Only items manufactured by GCAG qualify for the full dealer discount.
      • Value Bundles do not qualify for the full dealer discount because non-GCAG products are integral to the pricing model.
      • GCAG reserves the right to terminate a dealership at any time.
      • Dealers are required to follow the pricing rules set in the dealer application agreement.
        • If you sell in a brick and mortar location you are agreeing to not deviate from Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price by more than 10%. If you are selling on the internet you are agreeing to not deviate from the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.
        • No prices shall be advertised below Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price unless GCAG announces a promotional event or you have obtained express written approval from GCAG.
      • GCAG reserves the right to change and/or modify product specifications or pricing as necessary. 
      • You can find GCAG product images for your website by clicking the "Images" button below. 


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