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Modular Luggage System for Overlanding and Adventure Travel

September 14, 2015 2 min read

For Immediate Release

Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC – September 15, 2015.

 Modular Luggage System for Overlanding and Adventure Travel

For the first time, you can see and demo products from Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC at Overland Expo East.

In 2014 an unlikely partnership was formed between Adam Owens and Ben Rainchild to create a lightweight and rugged modular luggage system for motorcycles. Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC was born from two people that never met in person and only communicated via social media. With one partner in South Carolina and the other in New Mexico it was a bold move to start a business together, but the result is an innovative product line of luggage solutions built with top of the line materials.

GCAG products are all designed to work together so you can customize a system specifically for your needs. It’s best to think of each piece as a building block. Kits are offered to make ordering easier, but GCAG encourages customers to think outside of the box and build custom rigging systems.

GCAG strapping solutions include items like cam buckle tensioners and ring loop tensioners. Adding tensioners to strapping solutions means the luggage or cargo will stay secure even if it shifts during travel. The tensioners add the advantage of a bungee with the strength and security of 1” tubular nylon webbing. When the GCAG tensioner is fully extended the load is transferred to the webbing. This provides a more secure hold for offroad travel and prevents hyperextension of the elastic.

For motorcycles, the Uprising Soft Rack provides over 60 mount points to the rear and sides of a motorcycle without the need for metal racks and luggage supports. This saves weight which is crucial to offroad handling, but it’s also an economical way to add luggage capacity to a motorcycle.

Many people who enjoy overland travel or adventure motorcycling have other hobbies. With a GCAG luggage system you can utilize any bag as luggage on your adventure vehicle. No purpose built bags are necessary so you can leverage your gear in more activities saving money for the actual travel costs.

Stop by the GCAG tent at Overland Expo East 2015 and demo the gear for yourself. You will be able to try your hand at rigging on an adventure motorcycle and products will be available for purchase.

 Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC was founded by Ben Rainchild and Adam Owens. All products are designed and manufactured in the USA with a close attention to detail and tested by adventure riders from around the world. The Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC products are backed up by a lifetime warranty against defects and a satisfaction guarantee. All products are available for international shipment.

 You can find out more from their website

Press release and high resolution pictures available for download : Overland Expo East 2015

 Address:    Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC

361 Castleton Cir

Boiling Springs, SC, USA, 29316


Uprising Soft Rack

Uprising Soft Rack

GCAG Bag Snake

GCAG Bag Snake

Adam Owens
Adam Owens

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