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New Lower Price on the GCAG Uprising Luggage System

December 27, 2015 2 min read

For Immediate Release

Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC – November 21, 2015.

 New Lower Price on the GCAG Uprising Luggage System

Now you can experience the full GCAG Uprising Luggage System at the lowest price ever, $239.

The Uprising Luggage System from Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC provides a lightweight alternative for motorcycle luggage. It is constructed of heavy duty materials designed to withstand the rigors of adventure. Depending on where your travels take you and what you have in your luggage, your bag could be your life support system. It’s important to know that your load will be there when you arrive. 

The Uprising Luggage System consists of our patent pending Uprising Soft Rack, two Bag Snake Kits, and two Mondo Strap Kits.

Uprising Soft Rack – Many motorcycles have room for bags, but they do not offer enough attachment points. The Uprising Soft Rack provides over 60 mount points along the rear and down the sides of your bike.

Bag Snake Kit – This is a four point attachment system with a single runner. By using one runner the bag snake cannot slip off the side of a small bag. The tensioners included will make sure that your bag stays no matter what.

Mondo Straps Kit – The Mondo Straps are designed to be a simple system that straps over the top of a bag. Its quick, simple, and rugged. You will have the benefit of tensioners to keep your luggage tight.

The Uprising Luggage System packs a lot of value. By separating the attachment system from the actual bag you will have more options than any other motorcycle luggage system available. With a single system you can scale down for a trail ride and scale up for an expedition. Any bag can be used. Many of us have other hobbies and we already have dry bags in the closet. Now, you can transform those dry bags into motorcycle luggage and save the expense of buying motorcycle specific dry bags. Simply put, GCAG can save you money.

The flexibility that GCAG provides will also come in handy when you need to haul an extra set of tires, firewood, or any other item that is typically difficult to secure on a motorcycle.

The price of the Uprising Luggage System will be reduced to $239. It is available in 6 different colors.

Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC was founded by Ben Rainchild and Adam Owens. All products are designed and manufactured in the USA with a close attention to detail and tested by adventure riders from around the world. The Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC products are backed by a lifetime warranty against defects and a satisfaction guarantee. All products are available for international shipment.

 You can find out more from their website

 Address:    Green Chile Adventure Gear LLC

361 Castleton Cir

Boiling Springs, SC, USA, 29316



Adam Owens
Adam Owens

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