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Mondo Straps Kit

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Secure any bag to any bike.

Mondo Straps are named after the classic motorcycle movie, "Mondo Enduro". When they set out on their world trip they had hard luggage on their bikes. By the end of the movie the riders that were still pushing forward were all using simple straps and some homemade dry bags. The simple fact is soft luggage is more durable off road than hard luggage. 

The Mondo Straps Kit has been designed to work with or without our soft racks. These straps allow you to use any bag you want for luggage. When installed properly you will be able to thrash about offroad and your luggage will stay put!

To use the Mondo Straps make a girth hitch around any mount point on your bike. Next, thread the flat runner back through the heavy duty metal cam buckle and pull it tight. The Mondo straps are easy on and easy off. The integrated tensioner system will keep your luggage in place no matter what terrain your adventure takes you on.

Mondo Straps Kit includes:

  • 2 Heavy Duty Cam Buckle Tension Loops
  • 2 Four Foot Runner Loops

Things You Should Know:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Need quick release

I purchased the straps when I saw the one end with a bungee style connection; however, I realized I have to thread the other end into the toggle; a quick release would make this so much better. I have switched straps to some that have a quick release and have shelved the pepper straps. In essence, the major issue is having to RETHREAD the loose strap through the buckle (and then stow the extra strap),

Based on your comments, I think the Mondo UL straps may be what you are looking for. They have a quick release plastic buckle and they also include web dominators for slack management. Check those out and see what you think. We appreciate your business and let us know if you have any questions.

C. Campbell
Nice work

Ditched my bungee cords for these. Luggage is way more secure on the rear rack of my Road King.

Keith Cutler (Kailua, US)
Work great!

Used them first time this weekend. Worked perfectly! Held the load secure, zero shifting around. Rigged just like the video and followed instructions for fastening load. High-quality hardware, tensioner and webbing. Think I’m gonna get years out of these babies!

Justin Joseph (Columbus, US)

Fast shipping, great company! Listen to adventure rider radio podcast

Michael (Rindge, US)

The toughest straps I’ve found!

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