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GCAG Bag Snake Kit

Hot Yellow
Lime Green

Make any bag motorcycle luggage. 

The Bag Snake kit works great for attaching motorcycle rear bags and side bags. When rigged with a side bag the second ring on the ring tensioner creates a secondary buckle so you can loosen the top for access and your bag doesn't fall away from the bike.

When rigged for a rear bag the diagonal section of the strap prevents any slippage over the ends of the bag. For this reason, the Bag Snake is great for smaller rear bags.

The Bag Snake kit includes:

  • 1 Heavy Duty Cam Tension Loop
  • 1 Heavy Duty Metal Ring Tension Loop
  • 1 Six Foot Runner Loop
  • 1 Heavy Duty Metal Ring Loop

Things You Should Know:

  • Dry bags NOT included
  • One Bag Snake kit will secure one bag. If you want to carry two bags you will need two Bag Snake kits.
  • Actual weight: 220 Grams/.48 Pounds

We recommend Explorer and Watershed Dry Bags

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Mike Davies (Victoria, CA)
Simple solution to “the luggage problem”

Shopping, comparing, thinking, measuring, asking other riders, watching videos and reviews about different luggage options. “Will it fit on my bike?”, “is it worth the money?”, “will it carry what I need?”, “is it expandable…is it shrinkable?” And a myriad other questions that have been going through my head about luggage. All answered when I pulled the trigger on a Scramble rack and Bag Snake kit from GCAG. I fitted this to my ‘16 Africa twin, attached two, fifteen litre waterproof bags to the sides and a 30L waterproof bag to the tail rack and headed out in the pissing rain for a 3 day loop of high speed highway and FSR backcountry roads across Vancouver Island. This system worked flawlessly. Easy on and off the bike (once you’ve done it a couple times), super secure (no bouncing or shifting), and can handle ANY bag. No proprietary BS. This is well designed, well built quality kit that is versatile and simple. Absolutely recommend. Love it. I think I’ll be buying some of their dry bags if/when my cheap ones die.

Carl Cluck (West Plains, US)
Motorcycle luggage straps

Snake system is the absolute best I’ve found to keep my luggage from flopping around!!!
Simple and durable without increasing weight!!!
Thank you Green Chile for an awesome product!!!

Cecil Harper (Seattle, US)
Best Straps Out There

I've used many straps over the years. Most fail in some way so I'm always checking they are still tight. Not with the GCAG Bag Snake Kit! This has the same buckle quality on their soft racks. The single and double d-ring added to the buckle strap make an incredibly secure and strong system. Once my bags are strapped down they don't move. Plus made in USA! Money well spent. I use this on my tail bag as well not just my side bags.

Babak A (Santa Monica, US)
Best Straps in town

Been using GCAG Mondo straps for a while and recently purchased the Snake (the blue straps in the photo). Exactly what I needed to tie down my Dryspec D38 bag to my bike. Great products by GCAG. This is my 3rd purchase.

Jared Schwartz (Columbia, US)

GCAG Bag Snake Kit

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