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Green Chile Adventure Gear


Web Dominator

Slack control has never been more convenient.

Simply slip the webbing through the slots and use the shock cord to secure the slack.

You can roll the webbing around the Web Dominator or you can bundle the webbing and secure it by snapping the shock cord around the built in anchor.

Sold in a package of 4.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Travis Fuhrman (Goldsboro, US)
The only way to keep your straps neat and tiddy!

We all heard the horror stories of strap tails coming loose and ending up wound around rear tires of a bike, well with the dominators you can kiss that fear good bye!

Jerry Kelly (Medford, US)
The best customer service.

I made a mistake on an order and they sent the replacement no charge.

PonoBill (Haʻikū, US)
Clever idea for a standard molle accessory

I have a number of these--as tie-on points for Molle systems. Super handy in that application and a great idea for alternate use. I really like my GCAG recovery system, even though I've only used it to rescue other people. I guess that's a good thing.

Wee Willy (Charlotte, US)
You might get more than you expect!

Well, I ordered 4 because I needed to manage 4 straps. Imagine my surprise when "1" is actually a bag filled with 4 Dominators. So now I have 16 Dominators and am looking for another 12 straps that need taming. They do work as advertised, pretty nifty.

Keith Cutler (Kailua, US)
They definitely dominate the webbing

Worked exactly as advertised! Really ingenious way to keep the slack under control. Maybe not a must-have, but since the slack is usually behind you, it’s good know it’s secure and not flapping in the wind. Esp for the price! Good peace of mind

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