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Web Dominator

Slack control has never been more convenient.

Simply slip the webbing through the slots and use the shock cord to secure the slack.

You can roll the webbing around the Web Dominator or you can bundle the webbing and secure it by snapping the shock cord around the built in anchor.

Sold in a package of 4.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Keith Cutler (Kailua, US)
They definitely dominate the webbing

Worked exactly as advertised! Really ingenious way to keep the slack under control. Maybe not a must-have, but since the slack is usually behind you, it’s good know it’s secure and not flapping in the wind. Esp for the price! Good peace of mind

Roger Whitham (South Windsor, US)
Greatest little device

The coolest little device for holding excess strap in place. Love them.

Jim McGuire (New York, US)
Work Great

The Dominator works great! Cleaned up straps on my engine guards bags that I didn't want to cut! Now if I ever move the bags to a different location or bike the straps will be there if needed!

Oliver Jaeger (Levelland, US)
Just a Great Product!

Took me a few seconds to figure them out, but these hold the loose strap ends perfectly.

Travis Gordon (Phoenix, US)
Surprisingly useful

These little things come in handy a lot. They take up any extra slack in your lines you have, and stop you from having to do the crazy tie off points around random stuff like I used to do. Makes your setup much more organized and easy.

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