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Scramble Rack

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Easily add attachment points to your motorcycle.

The Scramble Rack is optimized for carrying luggage on the sides. The side straps provide plenty of mount points and the spacing is MOLLE compatible. The top mounting surface on the Scramble Rack is minimal and designed for small packs.

There are two versions of this rack. 

  • Enduro - Attaches in the rear with fender hooks.
  • Street - Utilizes a girth hitch in the rear. Works great with grab handles.

Construction Features:

  • 1 Heavy Duty Metal Rings
  • 1" Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing
  • Daisy loops along sides and rack surface
  • 2 Heavy Duty Cam Tension Loops
  • 1 pair of NRS Cam Buckle Bumpers
  • Enduro model uses vinyl coated fender hooks in the rear.
  • Street model uses girth hitched side straps around the grab handles.


  • We recommend our Bag Snake Kit for rigging side bags.
  • Check to see if you need an Exhaust Shield.
  • Dry bags NOT included.
  • Fuel bottles and holsters NOT included.

We recommend Explorer and Watershed Dry Bags

As always, every product comes with our Hardcore Warranty and Raving Fan Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Scramble Rack

I purchased the Scramble Rack in additional to the Enduro Hardcore Camping Bundle. I use the Hardcore setup for overnighters and multi-day trips and the Scramble setup stays on my enduro for day rides. Great products. Super durable. Infinitely adjustable. It just works!

The "Lite" Uprising Soft Rack

I have not yet put the Scramble Rack to the test of it's full potential but I know it'll hold up when I do. The Scramble Rack was designed as a lighter version of the Uprising Soft Rack (dual sports with larger sub-frames) and the Hardcore Soft Rack (dirt bikes with smaller sub-frames). It's holding well to my dual sport and it's held what I've strapped to it (I just haven't went camping with it yet but I trust it fully). One great thing about the Scramble Rack is you get to CHOOSE whether you want it's top/rear anchoring to be coated hooks for a dirt bike rear fender or loop hoops for a dual sport existing rack. BOTTOM LINE: I'm loving it!

Scramble Rack

Had to cut a notch in the rear fender for the back hooks, but that’s quick and easy and once installed, the rack was great. Never shifted during hundreds of miles off-roads with 2 bottles on the sides.

Extremely Modular and Adaptable

I have used the Scramble rack on my KTM 350xcf-w from July - November 2018 and it has worked well. For the quick version look at the positive and negatives and keep in mind these are MY positives and negatives, your experience will likely differ. Would I buy this rack again? Absolutely, in a heartbeat. I went from skeptical to a believer in the course of 4 months.

First use and configuration was a 7 days of riding in the Taylor Park, CO area riding from base camp each day. During this first use I used 2 @ 10L dry bags mounted to the sides of the rack. I mounted the bags to the rack using 3ft long runners and cam buckle tension loops. In the bags I had tools, spare tube, extra parts, rain gear and misc other items and the rack held the bags solid. The rack did loosen up, but I attribute that as much to my mounting method as anything and I will be experimenting this fall/winter with front forward mounting points. The only downside of side mounting bags is they can get in the way of you gripping the motorcycle and moving backward when descending steep declines. After this first use I'll admit I was ho-hum about the rack, it worked but didn't shine. In the second configuration I feel this rack shines. So much so that when I got back from CO I was considering buy a rear fender bag from dirt bike gear since a friend in CO had one and it worked well. After using the rack in the 2nd configuration I do not see a need for the rear fender bag since I can use the rack to accomplish the same thing and w/ the rack it is easy to move from bike to bike in minutes.

Second configuration and use was mounting a 10L dry bag to the top of the rack w/ the front of the bag just on the seat and the rear of the bag 1/2 to 2/3rds of the way to the back of the rear fender. The riding done w/ this configuration was day trips from "home' base location and never farther than a couple hour rescue drive away. In the 10L dry bag I had: tool roll, pump, patch kit, tape, zip ties, epoxy, water we...

Thanks for such a thorough review and sharing your experience. On the rigging, our gear definitely has a bit of a learning curve and requires experimentation. Once people get started they usually have tons of ideas of their own as they fine tune it. We do offer each part separately so if you need a new side strap, that's no problem. Boot wear can definitely happen. You have probably already figured this out, but with the Scramble rack you need to create a hard angle with the fender hook near the rear ring, and on some bikes notching the plastic on the underside can definitely help make things easier. We appreciate you riding with GCAG and feel free to contact us if you need anything.
Awesome gear

Well made ..super efficient

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