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Green Chile Adventure Gear


Mondo Straps Kit

Hot Yellow
Lime Green

Secure any bag to any bike.

Mondo Straps are named after the classic motorcycle movie, "Mondo Enduro". When they set out on their world trip they had hard luggage on their bikes. By the end of the movie the riders that were still pushing forward were all using simple straps and some homemade dry bags. The simple fact is soft luggage is more durable off road than hard luggage. 

The Mondo Straps Kit has been designed to work with or without our soft racks. These straps allow you to use any bag you want for luggage. When installed properly you will be able to thrash about offroad and your luggage will stay put!

To use the Mondo Straps make a girth hitch around any mount point on your bike. Next, thread the flat runner back through the heavy duty metal cam buckle and pull it tight. The Mondo straps are easy on and easy off. The integrated tensioner system will keep your luggage in place no matter what terrain your adventure takes you on.

Mondo Straps Kit includes:

  • 2 Heavy Duty Cam Buckle Tension Loops
  • 2 Four Foot Runner Loops

Things You Should Know:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Gary Sypolt (Bruceton Mills, US)
Awesome product

This is my second set of straps. Only due to the fact I left a set go with my old bike. Loved them so much I had to get a set for my new bike. Can't say enough about these straps. And great for rough terrain.

Kelly Goertzen (La Mesa, US)
Versatile and Bombproof

I alway carry a set of these straps in my kit. They are the toughest and easiest solution to strapping pretty much anything to the motorcycle. As a Baja guide I've used them countless times to strap broken luggage and racks to bikes and also to replace clients weaker and less secure straps so that gear and clothing does not get lost on the trail. I've even strapped a 1250 GS into a 4WD pickup bouncing over ruts, mud and through rivers... a task way beyond what the straps were intended for. At 4' they are long enough to work for just about any practical load on the bike. The metal cam buckles have not broken or gummed up even when drug through Baja mud. I strongly recommend these straps.

Jim Moss (Rocky Mount, US)
Mondo Straps Kit

The Mondo Straps are a very flexible and very secure way to keep your pack secure and worry free.

Shon (San Jose, US)
Great straps!

Usa made, metal buckle, and elastic protected by heavy duty webbing. Well made. Don't chance losing your cargo on the road with those other brands.

Customer (Castle Rock, US)
Quality Straps that last

Very happy with my green Chile straps. I am using them to hold traction boards on top of my jeep camper which means they are in the sun all the time and the shock cord does an amazing job at keeping the boards tight without allowing flapping from wind. Given I have friends who have had these on their motorcycles in the elements for years I’m confident these will hang in there even with the sun beating on them. Great product!!

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