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Frontline Medical

Best Motorcycle and Adventure First Aid Kit

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Highly capable first aid kit so you can handle yourself in emergencies. 

Motorcycling and adventuring in out of the way places carries some inherent risks. Often we're in places where help simply cannot get to us quickly. Our "Best" kit version is compact, but built specifically with riders in mind. This First Aid Kit will help you cover booboos, stabilizing fractures, treat major bleeding in the core or extremities, and even includes tools for keeping your airway open. 

All items included in our first aid kits are legit medical supplies. You will not find any "private label" knockoff products in our kits. We also encourage you to get first aid training to maximize your emergency effectiveness.

Trauma and Bleeding

  • (1) CAT Tourniquet w/ sharpie
  • (1) Hemorrhage Control Pressure Bandage
  • (2) HyFin Vented Chest Seals

Stabilizing Fractures and Sprains

  • (1) Triangular Bandage
  • (1) 18" SAM Splint
  • (1) ACE Bandage


  • (1) Size 28 NPA (Nasopharyngeal Airway)
  • (1) CPR Faceshield

Bandages and Supplies

  • (1) Standard Medical Shears
  • (1) Medical Tape
  • (5) Sterile 4"x4" Gauze 
  • (2) Sterile 2"x2" Gauze
  • (1) 4" Conforming Gauze
  • (1) 5"x9" Abdominal Pad
  • (2) Pair Large Gloves
  • (1) Emergency Blanket
  • (1) Expedition Asst Band-Aid Pack

Comfort and Booboos

  • (4) Sting Swabs
  • (1) Benadryl
  • (1) Aspirin
  • (2) Ibuprofen
  • (4) Antibiotic Cream
  • (1) Saline for Eye Wash and Wound Irrigation


  • ORCA Tactical MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Pouch w/ Velcro Patch
  • Dimensions: 8 X 6 X 3.5 inches (H x W x D) Tri-fold design that provides fast access to first aid supplies
  • Rip Away velcro panel feature and a wide handle for rapid removal makes it a snap to render first aid quickly
  • Organized. Spacious compartments which include several pockets, strong elastic loops and instrument holders, a Velcro safety strap, and zippered mesh compartment for small supplies.
  • MOLLE equipped, 2 inch velcro panel on the front for a First Aid or Morale Patch, and D-rings for additional attachment points.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Malpass (Asheville, US)
All products purchased

Pretty darn great!! Rigging system and bottle holders where just what I was looking for to be able to rig multiple make ADV bikes. Verdict is out on first aid kit. Have yet to see it. Had shipped to trip start point in Wyoming. Will put all gear to test on 1000 mile ride through Utah and Nevada In two weeks. Everything has been quality made and thought out. “Quality is a result of intelligent effort.” There is a lot of that in your products. Thank you

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