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GCAG Side Bag Hauler Kit

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The Side Bag Hauler Kit has been designed to work with or without our Uprising Soft Rack. These straps allow you to use standard dry bags for side luggage. When installed properly you will be able to thrash about offroad and your luggage will stay put! With this setup it is very important to strap your bag in tightly and double check your exhaust clearance. If you need an exhaust heat shield you can get one right here.

Bags can be rigged horizontally or vertically.

Hard luggage can increase your risk of injury, especially on offroad terrain. With this system you can reduce your potential of injury and have adaptable, waterproof luggage.


Side Bag Hauler Kit includes:

  • 4 Heavy Duty Cam Buckle Tension Loops
  • 4 Four Foot Runner Loops

Things You Should Know:

Patent Pending

As always, every product comes with our Hardcore Warranty and Raving Fan Guarantee

Customer Reviews

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Use Your Own Bag

The side bag hauler kit is the most affordable way to go. Use your own bag of any style and nearly any size. Even if you use HARD PANNIERS I'd suggest carrying the Side Bag Hauler Kit. I've seen a guy once hit a boulder and rip his pannier off. He ended up strapping it back on with paracord. It barely stated in place and he had to keep adjusting the knots. A side bag hauler kit would hold a busted pannier on place firmly and confidently without fussing with knots. I always carry a kit with me in case I'm running around town and end up buying something I shouldn't have while riding. I can usally get it home though.

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