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ADV Sushi

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ADV Sushi is a webbing reinforced velcro strap with integrated daisy loops. These are as handy as zip ties and duct tape. This is one of those products that you will use frequently if you have them with you.

A single strap was load tested at 200 pounds before it let go and a single strap held 50 pounds overnight with no issues. 

Do you need a custom solution quick?

Use this kit to build your custom solutions such as:

  • Construct a fuel bottle holster.
  • Use them to keep a spare tube folded neatly.
  • Roll your rain gear and use them to keep it rolled.
  • Hold your front brake while you fix a flat tire.
  • We had a customer hold his boot sole on for a hike!
  • Use them to attach your bags to your Uprising Soft Rack

The possibilities are truly endless.

This Kit Includes:

  • (4) 17.5" reinforced velcro straps.

NOTE: Fuel bottle NOT included

As always, every product comes with our Hardcore Warranty and Raving Fan Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Must have kit item

The ADV sushi might be one of must have items. I use them to strap my tool kit to the bike and have had zero issues with them becoming loose. I also found they perfectly held a dry bag to the rack when a strap failed.

You Don't Know You Need It

Never underestimate the power of Adv Sushi! This product called Adv Sushi is almost a miracle and always comes in handy just when you forgot you had it (I keep 4 permanently wrapped on my moto somewhere for quick access).

When using GCAG or any system to fasten down your gear/luggage/stuff, Adv Sushi always helps to connect the dots when you're out of webbing/bungee/rope/whatever. You just don't know you need Adv Sushi. It's THAT versatile. NOTE: it's not designed to carry heavy or total loads but it is great at filling in the gaps and if wrapped around enough, as an anchor assist.

Thank you!

Good product. Great prices. Thank you

Great Add-on

Versatile and high quality piece of equipment. There are undoubtedly a hundred uses for this product, but the first one that I discovered was slack management with a GCAG soft rack system. They have a compact stowed size so they can always be with me.

Perfect product

Excellent product that works for so many applications. Excess straps, tent pegs and poles, camping chair legs. Velcro is super strong and has lots of extra material so you can wrap tiny or large things and not worry about having enough material to join.

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